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The benefits of the Daikin ID


Discover the NEW Daikin ID

The Daikin ID will be upgraded to serve you even better! 

As of second half of June, the Daikin ID will be upgraded.
On top of providing easy access to all Daikin Applications, the new Daikin ID is offering more functions and advantages, such as centralised profile management opportunities and the delegated administrative functionality.

1 username, 1 password, ALL Daikin applications

The Daikin ID allows you to access all Daikin applications, using 1 username and password.
Providing easy access to Daikin applications like our Customer PortalDaikin E-CommerceStandbyMe, Selection Software and many more

Extended functionalities

The new Daikin ID is offering more functionality, empowering you to manage your own profile information and your own organization.
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Manage the people in your organization

Use the 'Admin console' to keep your organizational data up-to-date. The 'Admin console' allows our B2B partners to add, modify and remove people from their organization. In this way, YOU are in control about which person in your organization has access to which applications of Daikin.

Manage your own profile information

The new Daikin ID allow you to manage your own profile information to make sure all Daikin applications are using the correct information about you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions or remarks about the Daikin ID and its functionalities?

Check out our FAQ section!