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I received a request in my mailbox

A request was made for your company.

Daikin received a request for a Daikin ID and we were able to detect it was for your organization.

As a delegated administrator for your organization you are able to give this person a Daikin ID for access a wide range of Daikin applications with one username and password.


Next steps

If you want to give the requestor a Daikin ID, you can add them to your company by following the steps below.


  • Go to your customer portal
  • Go to the 'My organization'
  • Click on the button ‘Invite member’ in the Member List. 

  • Fill in the personal details.

  • Select a role.

  • Click on the arrow to select the language.

  • Click on ‘invite by email’ (this will only work if all required fields are filled in).